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The waiting game…

 Rain, rain, rain...

After coming down we had two good days of scorching heat on which we alternate between climbing, slack lining, trekking and hiding in the shade, followed by four days of miserable weather. During this period we also had the Climbing World Cup, with Alex Honnold doing the opening ceremony, and France being beaten by Portugal at the Euro cup’s final. Personally, all I have being doing is stuffing my face with bread and quiche.

 Fuelling for a time that never comes

The forecasted rain and thunderstorm kept being delayed and the weather window pushed towards the end of the week. In hindsight the poor weather made the waiting easier: one day after we got back Nikolay got my flue and looked in bad shape. Right after, in the middle of the night while going to the loo he kicked a rock and opened his toe which made him unable to wear anything for several days.

Tomorrow it seems that the weather is finally improving and we will have a go at the Frendo Spur, which we have being eagerly staring from our campsite.

After my previous epic at the Frendo I want to be sure of the weather before committing to over 1km of climb and tomorrow seems to be ok although the face is now covered in snow and ice which might spice things up a bit. We want to go up and down on the same day so we can still (try to) squeeze something on Saturday but having lost our acclimatization it is hard to tell how things will go.

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